Now is le winter of our discontent!

So ont days when it’s biting cold n frosty

I whip up my goto winter brex dish….

Good quality porridge oats

Midfields, Sainsbury’s Scottish Organic are my faves.

I add one part oats to two parts water.

Heat till bubbling

Two Desert-spoons Kefir (see earlier posts)

1 Banana Mashed

Tea Spoonful Manuka Honey

A slug of Organic Omega Cool Oil

Dollop of Clotted Creme

And that’s it, Jazz Porri or What!

Suggested listening: Let the four winds blow by Fats Domino


Oh Lay Senor Jamie Oh!

Lidz had one of its Spanish Weeks food wise so I bought a tonne of their marinated mussels

Apart jus heatin n eatin with some crusty bread was wondering what else I could do with the little blighters…

So Jazzed up an ol goto pasta recipe of mine.

In a frying pan slop in a healthy glugg of quality olive oil

Chop some garlic and a small amount of chilli flakes

Add the above, a small cup of chicken/veg stock a healthy schlurpp of white wine and bring up to fizzing temp wise and add les mussels, simmer. (I tend to leave the schjooz they come in to one side.)

When that’s all marinated slowly on a low heat add creme, single/double doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile heat a big pot of water boil Lidz Deluxe Linguine and cook for 15 – 20 minz.

Drain pasta and add creamy alcoholic garlicky crustacean flavoured schjooz…

Stir through and add a grated sprinkle of Lidz 30 month matured Parmigiano Reggiano Dop plus a healthy grind a black pepper. And as they do say in Sunny Italy, Roberto’s your Padre’s brother!

Suggested Listening: Lucky Lucky Lucky Me by Evelyn Knight.

The Best Bread in Zee Vurld

I am paying my weekly pilgrimage to the best chermun deli in the UK Hansel & Pretzel

If you fancy some sweet tuetonic delicacies/fermented goodies head to South West Loondum.

My particular tipple is their coffee and a sliced spelt loaf. It is by far the best I have ever tasted. They bake on the premise and you’ll be served by the friendliest frauline this side of The Siegfried Line.

Suggested Listening: Anything by Marlene Dietrich.

Ting n Ting

I am currently house sitting in Nevis in the Caribbean and have been aquanting myself with the local cuisine. My go to dish is Rice n Peas (which in this case I used black beans soaked in water overnight). They are then cooked in a pan with some brown rice and a teaspoon of marigold veg stock. I picked up some plantain and avocado at the local market here in Charlestown on a tues. I fry the plantain in organic coconut oil imported from aldz as all food here is very expensive. And also a tin of mackerel in olive oil again imported from the great God Lidz. All washed down with a bottle of fizzy grapefruit drink Ting. 

Suggested Listening: 007 (Shanty Town) by Desmond Dekker

Das is Goot Gut Yah

On today’s BBC News website page…

An interesting article about fermentation especially interesting to me was the part about kefir. There’s another interesting article about Gut Bacteria in The Gruaniad

I’ve been growing my own kefir for over 5 years now. With the live yoghurt I make a smoothie from:

Chilled Kefir Yoghurt 


Red fruit – Strawbz Rarzbz etc

Teaspoon Lecigran – GM free lecithin granules

Teaspoon Milled Chia Seeds

Teaspoon Spirulina 

Slug of Flaxseed/Udo’s Ultimate Oil

Teaspoon of Manuka Honey

And blitz. Will keep you going till lunch. 

Beg pardon, sorry what was that?


Whilst I was driving back from one of my Cotzwoldian House Sits. I was lucky enough to indulge my Sunday Morning Guilty Pleasure of listening to; The Archers followed by Dezzy Ilse Dix and finally I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue!

As my journey back to Wes Dorse was taking a lot longer than usual I stay tooned to the Food Prog. This week it was all about the way Diet can stave awff Alzhiemerz/Demensch, and it didn’t dissapoint! To me it made alot of common sense as I mostly eat that way anyhoo, mainly down to the fact that I took the anti malarial drug LARIAM for three months in the early 90’s whilst working in Nigeria.

Tests have already linked the use of Lariam with early onset of… : (

But worth a listen non the less. I think if you’re outside the UK it might be difficult to listen (even the humble Kefir gets a mensch) and if you’re are in the UK it won’t be on iplayer for long.

Sorry who are you again?

Suggested Listening: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Tri-Colory Rebranded


Bringing to an end my short daliance with everything eye-tie. I’ve rejigged the classic italian salad starter of avacado mozzerella and tomato.

As you see it’s basically; the same with the avacado asparagus (optional) capers (in brine/olive oil, not vinegar) halloumi cheese sun dried tomz a flash a fresh basil and a healthy smattering of black pepper/good quality olive oil. All of which are V. cheap from Aldz/Lidz. For the full effect get a forkful with a bit of everything on it.

Suggested Listening: Puccini’s La Boheme